SBS Postgrad News

SBS postgrads are up to some very exciting things! Here are some of the latest SBS postgrads in the news & winning things:


Māui’s dolphin: going, going, gone? A piece written by MSc student in Marine Science Veronica Rotman (01 January 2019)

• Congratulations to all the SBS postgrads who presented at the New Zealand Ecological Society’s Annual Conference. Graduated PhD student James Brock won best publication by an emerging researcher. MSc student André Bellve received Very Highly Commended for their presentation the role of perching lilies as habitat formers in northern New Zealand forests. 

• Congratulations to all the School of Biology Showcase Winners:                                                                                                            –  PhD 2 min Presentation: Morgane Merien (1st), Heiana Agnieray (2nd), Kai Steinmetz (3rd); Alastair Harris (People’s Choice);                                                                                                                                                                                                      –  Poster Presentation: Leena Riekkola (1st), Jules Devaux (2nd), Julia Schmack (3rd), Wilson Yip (People’s Choice) (24 October 2018)

Singing to impress! PhD student Kathleen Collier talks about listening to the songs of New Zealand’s very cute short-tailed bats in an article to Lateral Mag (04 October 2018)

Congratulations to PhD student Aimee van der Reis for taking out first place at the Exposure Poster Competition with her poster on scampi diet using metabarcoding! PhD student James Hucklesby also took out second place with their oral presentation on plasmin systems proteins (03 October 2018)

• Congratulations to all SBS postgrads who entered the Faculty of Science’s Postgraduate Poster Competition. PhD student Nicky Read won 2nd place! Aimee van der Reis and Erin Powell received High Distinction, and Julia Schmack and Jessica Moffitt received Merit! (16 September 2018)

• Congratulations to SBS postgrads Geoffrey Thomson, Nicky Read and Ting-Hsuan Chen who won prizes at the Queenstown Research Week 2018 (30 August 2018)

• Congratulations to Georgia Watson on winning the Masters Three Minute Thesis Competition. She will now compete in the Masters Inter-University Challenge at the University of Canterbury (Christchurch)! We wish her all the best! And well done to all our other bio postgrads who also took part! (09 August 2018).

Not letting the neighbours ruin the mood – PhD candidate Murray Fea shows new research into the reproductive behaviour of one of New Zealand’s most mysterious and unusual insects – the cave weta (06 June 2018).

No sex means longer life -Promiscuity is a bad idea for female stick insects, in fact their smartest option is to have no sex at all. Honours research done by Morgane Merien (07 May 2018).

Meet Lusius malfoyi, a parasitoid wasp – Wasps have a bad reputation – but doctoral candidate Tom Saunders says many of them do not deserve it, and he is on a mission to raise the profile and restore the reputation of New Zealand’s native parasitoid wasps (22 March 2018).

Bigger waves needed to turn the tide on plastics – Emily Frost (doctoral candidate) urges the government to do more to fight plastic pollution in our seas and notice the work by NZ’s environmental groups (15 March 2018).

Blind scholar could help fix her own condition – Doctoral student, Alix Coysh, has retinitis pigmentosa and is almost legally blind. She talks to Newsroom about her PhD, using the ground-breaking science of bioinformatics, and working with an Oxford University team on the quest for a cure for her rare condition (30 October 2017).

NZ Insect Playing Cards – On the radio! The Insects of New Zealand playing cards, by School of Biological Sciences doctoral student Leilani Walker, are now available! The project was conceptualized by Leilani Walker and hand-illustrated by Emma Scheltema, also a recent BSc graduate from the University of Auckland (12 December 2016). 

If you have news not listed here or know of someone in SBS who does, shoot us an email and we’ll promptly add them!

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