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Applicable to all SBS Postgrad Students:

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SBS Postgraduate Advice

SBS Mentors for Graduate Students

• Dr Shane Lavery – Postgraduate Mentors (
• Dr Karine David – Postgraduate Mentors (
• AP Tony Hickey – Postgraduate Mentors (


SBS Research Groups

SBS is divided into three research groups:
1. Biomedical and Applied Biology (BMA)
2. Cellular, Molecular and Organismal Biology (CMO)
3. Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour (EEB)

Key Contacts:
• AP Anthony Phillips (BMA) – Academic Head (
• Jo Dodd (BMA) – Technical Team Leader (TTL) (

• Prof Debbie Hay (CMO) – Academic Head (
• Keith Richards (CMO) – Technical Team Leader (TTL) (

• AP Tony Hickey (EEB) – Academic Head (
• Wendy Callaway (EEB) – Technical Team Leader (TTL) (


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